“You know how many places British colonize? 77! 77 in whole of the world, Meena! They have so much land, SO MUCH LAND, then be giving us generous gift: two blocks of East Main Street?! Oh thank you, thank you British Raj!”

“Rape is a two-way street, ladies. If a deer gets hit by a car, well what was the deer doing in the middle of the street? At night? By herself? So basically girls who get date raped just rape themselves.”

“Look. I super know I’m not Indian, and I’m not trying to be offensive or whatever. It just doesn’t seem fair, if Indian people are all like “Oh, that’s my stuff. Don’t touch my stuff. That’s mine…Ahh!”, that’s weird to me. I mean after all those years we were mean to them, shouldn’t Indian people be grateful that we like their stuff now and be happy?”