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*Light Girls* – I used to tan 3-4 times a week

Not entirely inside the world of the Fish Eyes Trilogy, but a topic near and dear to Anita and the Nightswimming team is colourism (also known as shadeism). We have many articles about this on our sister site, s2bd.ca, which is a dramaturgical exploration of Anita Majumdar’s Same Same But Different – a play that delves deep […]

How to Look Like Taylor Swift “Red”

How to Look Like Taylor Swift “Red” Following up on Megan MacKay’s make-up tutorial and in homage to Anita Majumdar‘s Let Me Borrow That Top, the final play in her Fish Eyes Trilogy (touring across Canada this year), this video by Michelle Phan  just seemed too good not to share. Just wait until you see what Anita […]