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This article from The Huffington Post explores the very strong public reaction on Twitter to Always’ #LikeAGirl commercial that was aired during the Superbowl. I’d actually already seen the commercial, in its full length, online several weeks prior to the Superbowl. After watching it I was, at first moved, and then couldn’t help but wonder somewhat about […]

bell hooks was Bored by Anaconda

An interesting article from New York Magazine about feminism at the pop star level, criticism of it, whether it is actually liberating or in fact marketing what is known to sell. As bell hooks puts it: “I mean, try to imagine Beyoncé with some nappy dreads. Would she have the money that she has? Is there a […]

Miley Cyrus Has Been Banned in the Dominican Republic

An oldie but a goodie… Miley Cyrus was banned from performing in the Dominican Republic by government officials who deemed that Miley “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are publishable by Dominican Law.” Apparently a woman grabbing her crotch and behaving in a lewd manner on stage is so offensive that it […]

How The F**k Is This Still Happening?!?

John Oliver on this past Sunday’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver beautifully lampoons the Miss America contest (which awards 5 points for the beauty contest and only 5 points for the question portion). He also investigates the just what the Miss America Organization means by calling itself “the largest provider of scholarships for women” when really it’s the largest potential […]

Iggy Azalea and a Culture of Appropriation

Anita Majumdar’s Candice Paskis may have her work cut out for her if she wants to top Iggy Azalea in the cultural appropriation race. It’s disturbing when the another culture is fetishized for what Iggy describes as a “fantasy” music video. “Fantasy” it may be, but your cultural appropriation is not fantasy, it’s blatant. /EMH Originally published […]