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Rape Tips for Men

Perhaps you remember the article we republished in 2014 about the Montreal Police’s press release to women suggesting they avoid taking a taxi ride alone for fear of what may happen. If not, click here. There are a number of these cautionary lists, either published by police or by media outlets – there’s a lovely and concise […]


Many thanks to Joanna De Souza, Artistic Director and Choreographer of Kathak Dance, for writing the article below about her work as a Caucasian Kathak Dancer. Kathak dance is an integral part of the choreographer that Anita created and performs in Fish Eyes Trilogy. We’re delighted to have Joanna’s contribution to the website, speaking to the intricacies […]

“Stay the hell where they came from”

This past Wednesday we posted about Zunera Ishaq’s travails in taking the oath to become a full-fledged Canadian citizen in light of Harper’s government challenging her desire to wear a niqab. In light of recent events one can’t help but wonder whether the Conservative government is fighting her for purely racist reasons. MP Larry Miller, […]

…racism’s still alive

I found this article recalling an event that happened in Vancouver last week. Antonio Cayonne, an actor and educator, was on his way home late in the morning when he heard some pretty disgusting language from beneath one of his apartment windows. I won’t go into the details, Antonio tells the story much better than […]

Feminism’s Many Battles

We’ve posted about the many different aspects to feminism and its responsibilities in the past, but this article is a nice refresher. Written by Carmen Rios and posted by Everyday Feminism, the article below reminds the reader that feminism is based on fundamental rights being afford to everyone. Not just to women. /EMH Originally published by […]