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Why I Will No Longer Speak on All Male Panels

A somewhat controversial article that Macleans Magazine writer Scott Gilmore has penned an article about a recent experience of his. While on a panel, all men, the second question asked from the audience was: “Why are there no women on stage?” None of the panelists had an answer. But Scott did: he will no longer sit on panels […]

The sexual threats against Emma Watson are an attack on every woman

Amanda Taub, writing for Vox, has written a perfect explanation about just why the sexual threats against Emma Watson are so problematic, besides the obvious illegal invasion of privacy and sex crime. If 4chan is “trolling” – the act of putting out inflammatory information to simply see the response – then congratulations 4chan, you have […]

Badass Emma Watson Launches UN HeForShe Gender Equality Campaign

It’s nice to have a good news day! Actress and UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson delivers a speech at the UN Headquarters in New York. Emma spoke about the gender disparity, the confusion around the term “feminism”, and that the role of men in the advancement of women’s causes is crucial; all of which is the crux […]