Category: Female Reproductive Rights

Fighting Female Genital Mutilation

A fantastic article from The New York Times by Mona Eltahawy on the practise Female Genital Mutilation that is still widely practised around the world. The practise has been banned in some countries only to have the ban lifted later, or has been moved to medical clinics for the safety of the young women, or is still practised in […]

The daily battles of feminism don’t come with backup dancers

The Globe and Mail writer Elizabeth Renzetti writes a great piece about the daily battles of being a feminist. Does it mean placard-holding and symbolism, or is it the quieter efforts (for example, working to develop better abortion services in provinces that are woefully lacking) that really make the difference? /EMH Originally published by The Globe […]

Spain Abandons Plan to Ban Abortion

Spain has abandoned its planned abortion bill. The proposed legislation would have restricted the reproductive choice for women to two scenarios: rape or a risk to the mother’s health. Oh, and you’d need two doctors to substantiate the need, as well as a mandatory week between the country granting a request to reflect on whether […]