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NFL Backtracks After Penalizing Player For Brief Muslim Prayer

The National Football League has another publicity gaff on their hands and the season has barely begun… Looks like it’s much easier to be a practicing Christian in the NFL than it is… well… to celebrate any other faith. The NFL has responded to the referee’s call saying that “Officiating Mechanic is not to flag player […]

Rihanna Just Took on CBS and Won

Visible Minority Report, a great group over on Facebook posted a link to an excellent, though a little profane, article about CBS and NFL pulling Rihanna’s song from the opening show for their football game last week. The NFL pulled the song with little explanation and had rescheduled the song for this week. It seems rather […]

CoverGirl issues statement after protesters alter NFL ‘Game Face’ ads

Continuing to follow the fallout from Ray Rice’s expulsion from the NFL, which occurred only after outraged online protest, COVERGIRL launched their NFL advertising campaign (major sponsors of the NFL). Unfortunately titled “Get your Game Face On”, with images of their “Girls” dolled up in make-up to match the many NFL team colours. A viral campaign has been […]

Anheuser-Busch Sternly Urges NFL to Stop Acting Like Stupid Meatheads

A great little article from Jezebel‘s writer Erin Gloria Ryan about Anheuser-Busch significantly more responsible reaction to the Ray Rice “scandal” than other NFL sponsor Cover Girl. The short of it: Anheuser-Busch issues a sternly worded response to the NFL’s handling of Ray Rice’s beating of his fiancee; Cover Girl issued a short ineffectual statement […]

Ray Rice Inspired Make-Up Tutorial

Toronto-based comedian and writer Megan MacKay has created a fantastic Ray Rice Make-up Tutorial and we love the ending: We Can Do Better. We wholeheartedly agree. /EMH  

NFL Should Ditch the Pink Crap and Recognize Domestic Violence Instead

Some thoughts on how the NFL is handling the domestic violence issue stirred up by Ray Rice’s treatment of his fiancee and whether or not it is responsible to focus on breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer research is certainly a worthy cause but widely publicized, and there are questions about how much of the money that […]

CBS Sports’ James Brown Speaks Out on Domestic Violence

Ray Rice has been released from his contract with the Ravens due to his recent violence against then-fiancee (now wife) Janay Rice (nee Palmer). At last night’s Raven’s game, CBS pulled a video of domestic violence victim and R&B singer Rihanna performing in favour of airing a sombre CBS interview with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell […]

Here’s What Happens When an NFL Player Beats His Fiancée Unconscious

Ray Rice is caught on camera hitting his fiancee in an elevator. He is suspended for two games, which is two games less than had he been caught smoking marijuana. Ray will be back just in time to don a pink jersey for the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The word ironic springs to mind. […]