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“Stay the hell where they came from”

This past Wednesday we posted about Zunera Ishaq’s travails in taking the oath to become a full-fledged Canadian citizen in light of Harper’s government challenging her desire to wear a niqab. In light of recent events one can’t help but wonder whether the Conservative government is fighting her for purely racist reasons. MP Larry Miller, […]

…racism’s still alive

I found this article recalling an event that happened in Vancouver last week. Antonio Cayonne, an actor and educator, was on his way home late in the morning when he heard some pretty disgusting language from beneath one of his apartment windows. I won’t go into the details, Antonio tells the story much better than […]

I’ll Disband My Roving Gang of Thirty Asian Playwrights When You Stop Doing Asian Plays in Yellow Face* (*Exception: David Henry Hwang’s play Yellow Face)

Howlround has published a fantastic article about the representation of diversity in theatre and the fact that yellow face is still used unabashedly on some major stages in the United States. In it, HowlRound.com contributor Mike Lew envisions a a new norm for what equitable representation in theatre would look like. He points out that the thirst for Asian-American theatre is […]

Ohio Police Threatens to Give Couple’s Newborn to Child Protective Services During Traffic Stop

The most recent incident in Police Officers racially profiling innocent bystanders (or car drivers, in this case), has gone viral, continuing to paint a pretty black and white picture of what it means to be black in the States. When you say to a police officer: “I’m not Mr. Newell…I have done nothing wrong, you have […]

NFL Backtracks After Penalizing Player For Brief Muslim Prayer

The National Football League has another publicity gaff on their hands and the season has barely begun… Looks like it’s much easier to be a practicing Christian in the NFL than it is… well… to celebrate any other faith. The NFL has responded to the referee’s call saying that “Officiating Mechanic is not to flag player […]

In ABC’s ‘Black-ish,’ everyone has racial issues

Lovely interview with Kenya Barris and Larry Wilmore, Creator and co-creator of ABC’s new television series Blackish, discussing racial tensions, the diffusion of black culture and the comedy that can be found in those topics while still maintaing a point of view. As Barris puts it: “We are a culture that came from, in this […]

Vancouver Sun apologizes for photo calling Jordan Subban ‘dark guy in middle’

One would hope that in Canada, of all places in the world, our papers would not feel the need to identify a person, in this case a hockey player, by the colour of their skin. Turns out we were wrong. The Vancouver Sun posted a photo of Jordan Subban after his first NFL goal, but […]

An Article on Shonda Rhimes Rightly Causes a Furor

A follow-up piece has been posted on The New York Times Public Editor Journal about the article written by Allesandra Stanley on Shonda Rhimes, of which the first line contains this phrase: How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman. Public Editor Margaret Sullivan has begun an internal investigation into the piece’s editing process, and has […]

The New York Times, Shonda Rhimes & How to Get Away With Being Racist

It’s great to be a black woman writing angry black women … so long as they fit your angry black stereotypes? Jezebel hits it on the head with writer Kara Brown’s response to The New York Times article by television journalist and critic Alessandra Stanley. In a New York Times articles that points out the successful career or story running […]

Racism is Alive and Well in Toronto

torontoist posted this fantastic article written by Rima Berns-McGown today, focused on how racism is still pervasive in our society and especially here in Toronto. Coming from a small town, I have to say that if it’s thought that racism is still alive and strong in our major city centres, you don’t have to look far to […]

What is Cultural Appropriation?

What is cultural appropriation? A fantastic tedx Youth Talk from Ann Arbor that focuses on the cultural appropriation perpetuated in pop culture. Aaliyah Jihad kills it in her explanation, exploration, and suggestions around the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange. /EMH ———-    

I Don’t Want A Colourblind World

Tanisha Taitt, a Toronto-based theatre artist and educator, wrote this fantastic piece on her blog, The Bodhichitta Bowl, in August 2014. In it she  points out the difficulties of the term “colourblind” and what the impact of that is for people of colour, and specifically for Black people. Instead she calls for a colour-kind world, […]