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Rape Tips for Men

Perhaps you remember the article we republished in 2014 about the Montreal Police’s press release to women suggesting they avoid taking a taxi ride alone for fear of what may happen. If not, click here. There are a number of these cautionary lists, either published by police or by media outlets – there’s a lovely and concise […]

Harassment in Theatre

By now I’m sure you’ve read The New York Times article that’s been making the rounds in the theatre community, detailing the experience of Marin Ireland when she was working with her then-boyfriend Scott Shepherd on a 2012 production of Troilus and Cressida, which was co-produced internationally by the The Wooster Group and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Ms. […]

International Women’s Day at the U.N.

International Women’s Day was held on Sunday, March 8th causing a deluge of articles, social media updates, and thoughts about the women who have made impacts in our lives, those who have made impacts on the world, and awareness to the global issue of violence against women. First Lady Michelle and President Barack Obama announced a […]

India’s People Respond to Rape

It would appear that while the Indian government is uncomfortable with a documentary about the brutal gang rape in which a young women’s entrails were literally pulled out of her body (sorry for the disturbing image), India’s people are not so squeamish. Yesterday was International Women’s Day and there were marches all over the world (report coming tomorrow), […]

Consent is Like a Cup of Tea

To end the week on a lighter note, here is a charming blog post from Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess. As some of you know, the some of the States in the USA have been passing consent laws, which has caused some furor among men’s rights activists. I’m sure you can guess my stance on this […]

India’s Daughter Banned in India

For those of you who remember the brutal gang rape in India on a bus that caused the death of the victim, Jyoti singh pandey, in 2012 there has been a development in its ongoing legacy. As you may know, the six men who were guilty of the rape were convicted – one died while in […]

Female Honour, Tradition and the Right to Live

The last week or so our posts have focused on the glitz and glamour of the Oscars. This morning when I woke up to find this fantastic article in my inbox from The New York Times I was reminded that the in-fighting of the North American feminist community is the tip of the iceberg of […]

Female Online Harrassment – What is it Really?

This intelligent article, written by Anne Thériault for vice.com is a call to action around harassment of women in the online world. Some of you may remember the reporting and following of the #GamerGate fiasco – the death threats, the rape threats, the massacre shooting threats that forced an event at which Anita Sarkeesian was going […]

Addressing Campus Violence for What It Is

This article, written by Alexandra Brodsky is an excellent criticism of the position taken by Hoff Summers. It would appear Hoff suggests that reports of campus violence against women has been hugely overrated, moreso that the victims’ handling of that violence is a solid rationale for her position. Does it smack just a little of victim blaming? We […]

Manning Up for Feminism

This is a two-part series, the first article focusing on Margaret Wente’s piece published in The Globe and Mail on Jan 10, 2015. The second article featured is a response to Margaret’s article published by Maclean’s Magazine on January 14, 2015, written by Anne Kingston. Our thoughts on it can be found here. Margaret’s article […]


This is the second in a two-part series, the first being an article that Margaret Wente wrote for The Globe and Mail. The second is Anne Kingston’s response to Ms. Wente’s commentary on manspreading and the “Class of DDS 2015 Gentleman” Facebook page and its fallout. Our response to Margaret Wente’s article can be found here. […]

Cliff Huxtable is the Fantasy. Bill Cosby is the Reality.

This fantastic article from Bitch Media and writer Aya de Leon examining Phylicia Rashad’s recent comments about the rape accusations against Bill Cosby. After Phylicia’s comments blew up on social media and in the news she clarified that she misquoted, or that the comments weren’t taken in the spirit they were intended. As she puts it: “What […]

Maclean’s Magazine has published a fantastic article by journalist Emma Teitel about Dalhousie University’s handling of the Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen’s Facebook group. For those not in the know this facebook group, comprised of 13 students, was a place for 13 of the graduating students to blow off some steam, share rape jokes, comment […]

Jian Ghomeshi: 8 women accuse former CBC host of violence, sexual abuse or harassment

This is a situation that becomes more and more discomforting as it unfolds, as many suggested it would. The latest developments include one of the attacked women, actor Lucy Decoutere coming forward with her story and giving a name to the faceless women, and more intimate details of the encounters Jian Ghomeshi had with all of the women who have […]

What Kind of Woman Won’t Report Sexual Assault

An astute review of why these women are afraid to come forward, written by Sandy Garossino and published by The Huffington Post, it’s an examination of what women who go to trial over sexual assaults face. In short: – Questions that defame their character – Questions that suggest they had actually instigated the assault – Questions about […]

Jian Versus the CBC | The Cunting Linguist

And because we can’t help ourselves… here’s one more. BQ shared this article with the rest of the Nightswimming team earlier this week and it puts a nice cap on today’s posts. The Cunting Linguist has written a very succinct and encompassing response to the situation and to those who are “waiting for all the facts”. […]

Why I Can’t Remain Silent About What Jian Did To Me

As some predicted this past weekend, whatever information was going to be unearthed about Jian Ghomeshi was going to be shattering, either for him or for the women he accused in his facebook post. The Ninth woman to come forward, and the second to identify herself, with allegations that Jian was sexually violent towards her. Reva Seth, a […]

If Dudes Catcalled Dudes

For a smile and a fun turn of the tables on catcalling, enjoy buzzfeed’s If Dudes Catcalled Dudes. /EMH Originally published by Buzzfeed on November 7, 2014. Video produced by Keith Habersberger. ———-

Damsel in Distress (Part 1) Tropes vs Women

So what was all the fuss with Anita Sarkeesian about anyway? Well… it turns out when you create a video like this, pointing out some of the story flaws in our best loved (or oldest) games, you set yourself as an object to be sent death and rape threats. This is Part 1 in the series, there […]

Video Gamers Are Having A Bizarre Debate Over Whether Sending Death Threats To Women Is A Serious Issue Or Not

If you’ve been hearing words like “GamerGate”, “PuaHate”, “Gamasutra” popping up all over the place and have no idea what’s going on, this article sums up the recent controversy, death threats, and terrifying anti-woman/anti-feminist movement within the video game community. It’s a long and somewhat confusing story, that has its roots in anonymous posts on […]

A Guide to the Ideas and Words of GamerGate

globeandmail writer Tabitha Southey has written a brief lexicon for those curious about the GamerGate community and what they really mean when they tell women that they need to lighten up. /EMH Originally published by The Globe and Mail on October 17, 2014. Written by Tabitha Southey. ———- A guide to the ideas and words […]

Why We Should Stop Saying Street Harassment is a Compliment

This fantastic illustration about stress harassment came to our attention this weekend. After some of my experiences in Ottawa while we were opening#FishEyes at the Great Canadian Theatre Company last week (catcalled twice on the street and stared at in a coffee shop) it felt like this was too pertinent not to share. I wound […]

Growing Some Balls

This article, written by Comedian Christina Walkinshaw, focuses on  sexual harassment she was put through while on stage and its lasting effects, especially when its upheld by big business. /EMH Originally published on resistingmarriage.tumblr on October 21, 2014. Written by Christina Walkinshow. ———- Growing Some Balls I recently discovered my “other” message box on Facebook. […]

I Show My School Spirit by Working to End Sexual Assault

Another great article about sexual assaults on student campuses, but this one is a good news story. Thanks to Bitch magazine and writer Hannah Steinkopf-Frank for her perspective on the rape of a student by three basketball players and the steps that the University of Oregon took to handle the situation. A well written article by a young writer about […]

Maroon 5’s NSFW Music Video For ‘Animals’ Is Seriously Disturbing

Maroon 5 is back with their latest single, Maroon 5 – Animals, and it is pretty disturbing both in lyrics and in video content. The article from HitFix Entertainment News begins to lay out what is so upsetting about the video but doesn’t go so far as to really lay out an opinion of action, other than to suggest it’s […]

Montreal Police Tell Women To Not Take Taxis In The City Alone Anymore

The Montréal Police Service has instructed women not to take taxis home late at night and to drink responsibly, after a series of women were sexual harassed by their cab drivers. A somewhat embarrassing notice to issue if not prefaced by “this is a short-term solution”. This kind of recommendation is a bandaid and in no way […]

Your Princess is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

As I delve further and further into a discussion around feminism, female representation, and pop culture, I keep reading more and more articles about women in video games. As Anita Sarkeesian and many female video game developers, writers and players, are very aware it’s not atypical for a certain part of the video gaming community to turn […]

The daily battles of feminism don’t come with backup dancers

The Globe and Mail writer Elizabeth Renzetti writes a great piece about the daily battles of being a feminist. Does it mean placard-holding and symbolism, or is it the quieter efforts (for example, working to develop better abortion services in provinces that are woefully lacking) that really make the difference? /EMH Originally published by The Globe […]

Jennifer Lawrence: ‘You Should Cower With Shame’ For Viewing My Nudes

We were delighted to read this article and think that it speaks for itself. /EMH Originally published by Jezebel on October 7, 2014. Written by Kate Dries. ———- Jennifer Lawrence: ‘You Should Cower with Shame’ for Viewing My Nudes Kate Dries Well Vanity Fair has scored a big coup: they’ve got Jennifer Lawrence on the […]


Playboy published this fantastic flowchart suggesting that there are only two situations in which it is appropriate to catcall: either you’re shouting at an actual cat; or both parties have “consensually agreed to shout sexually suggestive comments to each other in public.” /EMH Originally published by Playboy on August 24, 2014. By Shea Strauss. ———- […]

Rehtaeh Parsons Was the Most Famous Victim in Canada. Now, Journalists Can’t Even Say Her Name.

For those interested in the Rehtaeh Parsons case, it continues and those responsible for her attack are currently on trial. But it will be difficult to find the case in the papers if you aren’t looking, because a judge has imposed a media ban (as is quite normal with child pornography cases). However, Rehtaeh’s name […]

California adopts historic ‘yes means yes’ rule on sexual consent

40 years ago, anti-rape campaigns and legislation were changed forever with the “No Means No” campaign. Now, california’s Governor, Jerry Brown, has signed into existence “Yes Means yes”, landmark legislation that requires colleges and universities to investigate what constitutes consent (verbal or non-verbal) from both parties engaging in sexual relations. There are critics of the […]

The sexual threats against Emma Watson are an attack on every woman

Amanda Taub, writing for Vox, has written a perfect explanation about just why the sexual threats against Emma Watson are so problematic, besides the obvious illegal invasion of privacy and sex crime. If 4chan is “trolling” – the act of putting out inflammatory information to simply see the response – then congratulations 4chan, you have […]

It’s On Us To Stop Sexual Assault

Another article to start your day right, the Barack Obama‘s administration has released the It’s On US campaign. The campaign features a host of tools, over 40 partners which are championing the initiative, and some snazzy videos about ending sexual assault for both men and women. The pledge itself is short, sweet, and to the point: “To […]

Badass Emma Watson Launches UN HeForShe Gender Equality Campaign

It’s nice to have a good news day! Actress and UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson delivers a speech at the UN Headquarters in New York. Emma spoke about the gender disparity, the confusion around the term “feminism”, and that the role of men in the advancement of women’s causes is crucial; all of which is the crux […]

Rihanna Just Took on CBS and Won

Visible Minority Report, a great group over on Facebook posted a link to an excellent, though a little profane, article about CBS and NFL pulling Rihanna’s song from the opening show for their football game last week. The NFL pulled the song with little explanation and had rescheduled the song for this week. It seems rather […]

Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

We just love what Megan McKay has to say: We Can Do Better. Props for the NFL Foundation to boot. /EMH  

NFL Should Ditch the Pink Crap and Recognize Domestic Violence Instead

Some thoughts on how the NFL is handling the domestic violence issue stirred up by Ray Rice’s treatment of his fiancee and whether or not it is responsible to focus on breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer research is certainly a worthy cause but widely publicized, and there are questions about how much of the money that […]

CBS Sports’ James Brown Speaks Out on Domestic Violence

Ray Rice has been released from his contract with the Ravens due to his recent violence against then-fiancee (now wife) Janay Rice (nee Palmer). At last night’s Raven’s game, CBS pulled a video of domestic violence victim and R&B singer Rihanna performing in favour of airing a sombre CBS interview with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell […]

“Honk” if You Want to End Rape Culture at Brock University (and the Rest of the World While We’re at it)

Originally posted on A Feminist Critique on September 6, 2014. A fantastic article that provides oversight into the world of rape culture in universities, which is particularly rampant during frosh week. A Feminist Critique has offered some context and history about the subtle and overt actions that make up a university rape culture.   “Honk” if You Want to […]

Here’s What Happens When an NFL Player Beats His Fiancée Unconscious

Ray Rice is caught on camera hitting his fiancee in an elevator. He is suspended for two games, which is two games less than had he been caught smoking marijuana. Ray will be back just in time to don a pink jersey for the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The word ironic springs to mind. […]

Female Honour and The Fish Eyes Trilogy

One could argue that the term simply refers to both men and women. And that would fly, until you just barely scratch the surface of that thought.